A Lisbon map with a difference

It can be hard getting your bearings in a new city.  Not so much finding the big ticket attractions but trying to uncover the hidden gems – those special places only the locals know about.  It might be the tiny fish restaurant that’s just off the beaten track or a one-of-a-kind shop or simply the best spot to watch the sun go down with the most perfect view of the city.    It’s the kind of knowledge we all wish we had at our fingertips when visiting somewhere new but unless you find a local with the time and inclination to let you in on their secrets it can be tricky to track down.


So we decided to make things a little easier by creating our very own local’s guide to Lisbon.  A guide that would not only map out the popular attractions but gently steer you in the direction of the ‘secret’ ones too.  Our starting point? We asked everyone on the team to tell us about their favourite places – where they eat, drink, shop, have fun, chill out, where they head out to on a Saturday night and where they choose to relax on a lazy Sunday afternoon – the works! Everyone contributed from front-of-house and housekeeping through to the back office, the spa, the bar and the restaurants.  Their recommendations form the backbone of the new map as curated by ardent localist and Creative Consultant Sam Lawrie of Foster & Bloom


Sam divided the back of the map into mini-guides on everything from our favourite markets, gardens and shops, to favourite rooftops, art venues, cafes and restaurants…and so on.  It’s packed to the gills full of useful info, top tips and the coolest places to go in Lisboa.




The map itself has been drawn and illustrated by the wonderfully talented local illustrator Ileana Rovetta.

Image by Ileana Rovetta
The original illustrations at the planning stage…   (Image by Ileana Rovetta)

Argentinian born, but Lisbon based, Ileana’s deceptively simple  style lends a playful quality which we absolutely love – and her bright and distinctive drawings bring the map to life beautifully.




Take a look for yourself when you’re in town – you can always find The Bomporto Map at the front desk.  Whether you know Lisbon well or not at all, we hope it leads you on new adventures and to the discovery of a hidden spot or two!  Let us know by tagging us at #lisbonbybomporto so we can follow along with your Lisbon wanderings…


Unless otherwise stated, images by Joâo Miguel Simões

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