Behind the scenes at a photo shoot

The words ‘storm’ and ‘brewing’ are not what you want to hear heading into a photo shoot! 300 days of sunshine a year and somehow we had managed to pick a day when the weather was closing in. To be fair the shoot was scheduled months ahead of time (what photographer worth their salt isn’t going to be booked up months in advance?) but grey sky just wasn’t going to do the job – even the city of light needs some blue sky to show it off properly.  And with minimal sunshine to reflect off the River Tagus, Lisbon wasn’t going to be basking in that wonderfully unique light that we all take for granted.

credit @fosterandbloom

A flurry of phone calls the night before took us to plan b.  A pretty straightforward plan b as it happens; Vasco Celio, our photographer extraordinaire, was to start shooting at first light and not put the camera down (under pain of…!) until we lost the light.  And to oil the wheels of said plan, we agreed to keep a steady flow of coffee coming all day.  What could possibly go wrong?!  Well, let’s just say that never ending coffee isn’t as easy as you might think – not when the electricity company decide to start tinkering with the cable …

I think we broke the photographer (aka temporary coffee drought!)   credit @fosterandbloom

We will update the website over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for the new pictures.  This shoot was all about the rooms – we wanted to capture the five styles at The Lumiares; The Penthouse, Loft Style, One and Two bedrooms and the Studio’s.


Despite the weather, the early start, the pressure of time, and an unfortunate incident involving a finger and a door (ouch!),  we could not be more thrilled with the results.  Astonishing what can be achieved even in the absence of coffee.

the lumiares hotel

And there is more to come.  At the end of May a drone will take pictures of the exterior and Vasco will be back to photograph the rest of the inside.  So lots more pictures of Lumni (our rooftop restaurant and bar), the Mercado Café, The Spa and so on.  All very exciting and we will keep you posted.

Cross fingers that the weather behaves itself this time…



    1. Thanks so much Carmo. Look forward to seeing you for a drink on the roof terrace in the not too distant…!

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