Hello Valentine!

Call us old romantics but we do have a thing about Valentine’s Day.  It’s probably a throwback to those teenage years and the hope of getting a card in the post – although at least in those days the mail would arrive first thing so you would be put out of your misery before breakfast (and yes, we know we’re showing our age!). If you were really lucky the card would be home-made and kitsch; what better declaration of love than the careful application of prit stick and glitter and evidence of time spent disguising handwriting?!  We sincerely hope that the teenagers of today still experience the same gamut of emotions, albeit presumably without the benefit of a morning post.  And the rest of us? The home-made cards don’t make an appearance anymore, and there’s definitely no glitter, but we do get the chance to use as many bad puns as we like and to write soppy messages without being laughed at and  – the best bit! –  we can happily drink buckets of champagne and eat as many chocolate covered strawberries as we want to.  What’s not to like?  And, by the way, that last point absolutely applies to singletons too – champagne and strawberries are obligatory on Valentine’s Day, preferably shared with a good mate in front of a great film.

Having said that, singletons may wish to stop reading here because we are upping the ante at Lumi on the romance front, and starting early on February 1st! The Spa has transformed one of our lovely treatment rooms to make space for two, so couples can enjoy a treatment together. Fancy a relaxing hot stones massage à deux or a sensuous candle massage? Or perhaps two blissful hours of pampering, aka The Lumiares Ritual?  All followed by strawberries and chocolate and herbal tea – or a glass of chilled Esporao champagne if you prefer.  And if you decide to stay the night, we’ve got a special offer on the One Bedroom apartments so you can enjoy a bottle of bubbly in your room, breakfast with a view up on the Lumni rooftop as well as the couples spa treatment of your choice.

On Valentine’s Day itself, both of our restaurants – Lumni and Mercado –  have put together a special Valentine’s menu which looks absolutely delicious, so all you have to do is decide which one to go to.  The perfect end to a perfect day?  We do hope so…!



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