It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it!

Some jobs have Friday afternoon written all over them.  Wine tasting, for instance.  It’s certainly one of the more pleasurable ways to kick off the weekend!  We spent last Friday in the company of our very own Lumni chef Miguel Castro e Silva on a wine tasting with a mission.

wine-tasting-miguelThe plan was simple: find a delicious local white wine to form part of the welcome pack we would leave in the rooms for guests.  A tough job but someone had to do it.  In fact I think Miguel might say we took things a little too seriously – let’s just say the session went on for slightly longer than anticipated…!

Chef Miguel Castro e Silva with The Lumiares’ General Manager Rute Antunes

Miguel came up trumps.  A selection of wine from the Douro (light-bodied, subtle, crisp), the Alentejo (gentle, aromatic, medium-bodied), even a sneak preview of his own blend straight from the barrel (delicious – ask to try some at ‘Lumni’).  And of course, while we were at it, we couldn’t resist trying a few Portuguese reds as well…

wine-tasting-miguel-lumiaresWe’re not going to reveal the final choices here – sorry!  To find out you’ll just have to come and stay at The Lumiares and take a look for yourself…



  1. Really can’t wait now! How lovely to get wine in your room – you know how to lure the punters

    1. I concur! In fact shouldn’t there be a law that all hotel rooms greet you with wine and chocolate? Because chocolate is important too, no?! (*Note to self – set up chocolate tasting session :-))

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