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You know that saying about the customer always being right’?  Well, that is generally the case at The Lumiares, although there have been a few notable exceptions! The one that prompted this post has to do with coffee capsules.  ‘Have you run out of Nespresso’? a guest asked as we showed  him to his room.  He was of course referring to the CRU Kafe capsules nestled in their iconic jar next to the Nespresso coffee machine.  If you’re from the UK you are probably already aware of CRU which is stocked at Harvey Nichols, Ocado et al, but visitors from further afield may be less familiar.  Rest assured though that CRU was (and is!) our first and only choice for Lumi – no substitutions here!


Why CRU? Because it simply isn’t like other coffee brands…

Photo by Lisa Gordon and Foster and Bloom.

For starters (and of course most importantly) it’s absolutely delicious.  CRU only use beans grown at high altitude (the Rolls Royce of beans if you like) which are then meticulously blended before being roasted and ground to perfection.  It is not an exaggeration to say this is one of the best coffees in the world – literally.


And then you have the impeccable eco credentials. CRU are passionate about keeping everything as natural, organic and environmentally friendly as they can.  Their coffee is chemical and pesticide free and the farms they choose don’t adopt aggressive farming practices.  Add to this a real commitment to re-investing in those farms and encouraging sustainable business and you get a company that is willing to put their money where their mouth is.  We applaud them for it and are thrilled to be part of their story.


To find out more about CRU take a look at their website – which, by the way, has a fantastic blog on all things coffee (recipe for ‘Christmas Espresso Martini’ anyone?)


And what about that guest who thought that we had run out of Nespresso capsules? Let’s just say that by the end of his Lumi stay he made a point of telling us that he was planning to order CRU when he got home. Job done!


We love CRU.  We hope you do too.  Let us know what you think…


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