Postcard from Lisbon

We’ve had a teensy bit more than our fair share of rain over the last few weeks – apparently twice as much as  would normally be expected for March! That’s obviously a VERY GOOD thing when it comes to filling up the barragens (reservoirs) and keeping the countryside lovely and green (Sintra is looking even more beautiful than normal if you can believe such a thing) but we have to admit that we’ve missed the sunshine and it’s been lovely to have it back in full force this week.  And, like most cities after rain, Lisbon is looking even more fabulous than normal – in our humble opinion, anyway.

So here, in celebration of sunshine after rain and of beautiful spring days and of a city filled with colour and light, are a few snaps that we’ve taken over the last few days; our postcard(s) from Lisbon, if you will.  Hope you like them!

cais_do_sodreThe jewel-like colours of Cais do Sodré – just down the hill from Lumi

bairro_altoBack up the hill to our neigbourhood – the ‘cool kid on the block’ Bairro Altobairro_alto_view

principe_realAnd onwards to the bright, fashionable and oh so beautiful Príncipe Real


principe_realThey call me mellow yellow (quite rightly)!

blossom_springAnd as if the pastel shades and jewelled tiles weren’t enough, the sight (and scent) of fresh spring blossom…

lumi_rooftop_viewSaving the best ’til last;  our favourite postcard of them all.  The magnificent Lisbon rooftops and view of Castelo do São Jorge from our very own Lumi rooftop…


All images by João Miguel Simões @jmigsimoes

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