The perfect way to throw some shade?

Tom Ford famously said that he was a perfectionist ‘to the point of insanity’.  Well, we can relate! Always trying to find that perfect solution – the one that ticks every box and pleases everybody – is sure to drive you a little mad.  Take our rooftop for instance.  It’s been open for just over a year and we love pretty much everything about it.  The view; to die for.  All the little touches; those gorgeous wicker tub chairs with the cute graphic cushions; the fresh scent of rosemary and basil and lemongrass from the newly planted containers; the swishy palm ferns wafting in the breeze; the comfy bench seats which make the perfect spot to enjoy breakfast, or a quiet drink, or join friends for supper or simply settle in for a romantic sunset meal…all in all Lumi Rooftop is a magical, private, removed world that is almost, but not quite, perfect.


Image by Francisco Nogueira

So, what’s missing?

Simple answer; shade. This is Lisbon – 300 days of sunshine a year and average temperatures in the late twenties over the summer months – so protection from the sun is kind of rooftop 101.  Obviously we knew this from the start, but finding the right solution wasn’t so easy.   There were LOTS of proposals, which necessitated many hours of discussion (yes, ironically, usually on the rooftop, drink in hand!) which combined with a liberal dose of procrastination meant that – eek – a year went by and we were no closer to finding the right solution.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, fear not because – ta dah! – we think we have finally found the perfect solution.  And boy, was it worth the wait.

Take a look for yourself.





Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s made by a company in the Algarve called Oz Shade and mimics the design of sails on boats – but even better than sailcloth, this material is breathable which means that hot air doesn’t get trapped underneath  (it’s called High Density Polyethylene for any techies out there).  Plus it gives 98% UV protection – win win!

Marine grade steel used which means no rust…

It’s sleek, strong, effortlessly stylish, and has been designed and custom made especially for us – a unique shade for a very special rooftop.  Perfect!

What do you think?  Come and take a look for yourself and let us know…


Unless otherwise stated, images by Joâo Miguel Simões @jmigsimoes

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